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Sydney's Favorite Iconic Landmarks

The colony is devasted..... A convict is dead!   Was this a case of 'murder in the dark'?!!

Do you only have a brief opportunity to see some of Sydney's most famous locations?
Then this 'hybrid' trail (mix of other PuzzleTrails) may be just perfect for you.  

Blending together sections of 3 existing fun-filled PuzzleTrails; Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney's Historic Rocks and Circular Quay and the Opera House (ie this trail shares some of the same clues as these other trails), this adventure is perfect for the explorer that doesn't have time to tackle those 3 trails separately, but still wants chance to glimpse those iconic spots in a single journey of discovery into Sydney’s historic roots! 

Journey from  the North Shore at Milson’s Point Train Station, then over the Harbour Bridge, past the older ‘Rocks’ area, around the waterfront ‘Writers Walk’ and on to the famous Sydney Opera House. Meander around the foreshore known as Sydney Cove, location of the first European settlement of Australia.

By 1800, Sydney Cove had quickly become the hub of Sydney’s  life and gained the new name ‘Semi-circular Quay’. These days ‘Circular Quay’ (as it is less correctly known!) is still a hive of activity, with a public transport hub and every form of tourist exchange, information, shopping and eating available.

This fairly easy 2-2.5hr walk does include a series of steps to take you up to the bridge level and down to the Quay level.  Whilst possible for the hardy stroller pusher, the absence of lifts on the bridge make it not suitable for wheelchairs. There are plenty of cafés along the Quay and some exceptional views, so be sure to take a camera.  Dogs can be taken on leads, but be aware, it can be very crowded at peak tourist times. When planning, allow for Sundays being the busiest day due to the market and other attractions which can distract from, or obscure visibility of, some of the clues.

As you walk around you will discover a mix of old and new Sydney, learn interesting facts about Sydney’s original settlement and of course find clues to help solve your murder mystery!

How to get there..

  • The trail starts from Milson’s Point train station, on the North Shore line, one stop up from Wynyard. Alternatively, you can enjoy a ferry trip across to Milson’s Point/Luna Park, photograph Sydney's most famous icons across a sparkling harbour, then climb the 'stimulating' hill to the station.
  • The trail will finish at Circular Quay, with option for a return by bus or train. Bus/train/ferry Transport info is available from TransportNSW (google Sydney Transport to easily locate).   

Additional options to make more of day out…. 

  • Harbour Bridge South Pylon. Opening times and pricing is at   Kids <4yrs are free. NB: there are 200 steps to the top!
  • Sydney Opera House. Walking around and into the foyer is free, or you can choose one of the official tours offered in their booking office. Why not end with 'refreshments plus views' at the beautiful Opera Bar.
  • Luna Park Amusement Park. See  for info and pricing.

Let’s get PuzzleTrailing!

  • Your downloaded booklet provides all the directions needed to complete the trail and find all the clues. Miss one? Simply retrace your steps or if really stuck follow the SMS instructions in your booklet to get some hints!
  • Each clue will allow you to eliminate a suspect or weapon. Cross them off on the back page as you go, until the murderer and remaining implement are finally revealed! 

 Last word…….  RememberSlip, Slop, Slap”  (Google that if needed!)  ...and have lots of fun!!

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