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Collect 3 Trail Stamps to WIN a 4th Trail for FREE!

Enjoy even more FREE outdoor, family fun things to do, by filling up your very own Puzzler Passport to earn prizes!


Your Passport to things to do in Sydney. Discover Sydney. Learn Sydney fun facts. Have outdoor fun solving clues, cracking codes and doing quiz challenges. It's active fun,  healthy fun, family fun, big kids fun and little kids fun. Fresh adventures and childrens fun.


Earn "Stamps" by completing different PuzzleTrails.
The more Stamps you get the more prizes you earn!

Stamp Rules are simple:

1. Complete your PuzzleTrail mystery
2. Take a photo of yourself solving clues.
3. Post this with feedback to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages or on our website (addresses on the back of the trail) or complete the email review that you are sent
4. You will then receive your Stamp via email, all ready to cut out and stick in. 
5.  Claim every 4th trail completely FREE, by emailing a photo of your passport with 3 trail valid stamps.


DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PASSPORT and start collecting your own Trail Stamps today!

Happy sleuthing!