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  • "You explore. We add the mystery."

  • "Accessible fun for everyone!"

  • "A great way to learn!"

  • "Getting kids outdoors!"

  • "Healthy fun!"

  • "The healthy alternative to screen time!"

The sun is shining at last!

Are you looking for some great family fun outside?
Our instant download puzzle based trails provide a great family activity that is totally different.
CLICK HERE to choose your sleuthing adventure!

Want to get outdoors for some healthy, fresh air, educational fun? Fancy yourself as a detective?
Download and print your "PuzzleTrail" with everything your family needs to follow a self guided, mystery themed Sydney walk.

We provide the directions and local fun facts as you go. You spot and solve clues and unravel a devilish mystery.
It's healthy, outdoors, family fun for less than the price of a cinema, theatre, bowling or laser tag ticket!

Suits locals looking for a fresh adventure, visitors and tourists wanting a new way to discover the sites and is fun for little kids and big kids alike. Can be ordered whenever suits. You just need access to a printer.

Trail pricing is for a single family, one off use. Happy to arrange pricing for extended family groups, birthday parties and educational or care groups.

Now, ready for a mystery? CLICK the circles below to explore more about our 3 different puzzle types or FIND A TRAIL now.

  • Rory W, Australia

    Absolute fun! Gave the kids motivation to get round the lake - I almost had to run to keep up. And we learnt new things along the way.
  • Sue S, Sydney

    Took my 87yo mum on the RBG Magical Labyrinth tour. Had a blast, went to parts she had never been to. Being required to be "eagle-eyed", added a dimension of great enjoyment, beyond the usual stroll in the gardens. Wonderful!
  • Rene, Sydney

    Great day out for the whole family. Wonderful inclusive fun. Easy to navigate trails with the wheelchair.