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Royal Upset at Clontarf Reserve

The Sydney Morning Herald brought terrible news.....  who would seek to kill such an important man?

Unlike most PuzzleTrails, your mystery today is based on a REAL event from nearly 50 years ago! Can you use your detective skills to unravel the crime that was taking place, a key person who was there and what they did on that eventful day?

Add the excitement of solving a mystery to your outdoor adventure with our self-guided puzzle-based mystery trail around gorgeous Clontarf Reserve. 

With it's sandy kid's playground, netted harbour swimming pool, grassy areas for free play,  BBQs, cafe and facilities, it is no wonder that Clontarf remains a very popular picnic and play destination for families.  

Learn about the evolution of Clontarf from it's first visitors in the 1800's to the well known spot it is today. Discover the dastardly event that occurred in its past that had this little beach making the National Papers. 

Your puzzle adventure should take you about an hour, but check out our ideas below to make more of a day of it!

How to get there..

  • Your PuzzleTrail starts at Clontarf Reserve Car Park, off Sandy Bay Road, Clontarf
  • There is plenty of parking at the Reserve
  • Northern Beaches Council state it is open from 8am- 6pm
  • Northern Beaches Beach Permits are valid - ie FREE parking for NBC resident


Additional options to make more of day out…. 

  • Take a picnic and games:  Expansive grassy areas for ball kicking and Frisbee
  • Swimming or beach play:  The netted Swim area is shallow and ideal for "littlies"
  • BBQ and Cafe: Both are available - so cater as you please



There are plenty of pathway areas and the land is flat so suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, with the obvious caveat that the sandy beach and some grassy areas may be less 'wheel' friendly. 

Dogs are allowed but some limitations apply in that they cannot go on the beach or within 10m of the kids play ground. There is an expectation that dogs will be under control and cleaned up after, given that it is a family friendly place.

Let’s get PuzzleTrailing!

  • Your downloaded booklet provides details on the facilities and all you need to complete the trail and find all the clues. Miss one? Simply retrace your steps or if really stuck follow the SMS instructions in your booklet to get some hints!
  • Each answer can be filled in on the answer sheet found on the back page. Complete all answers to the mystery person and what they did on the day!

Last word…….  RememberSlip, Slop, Slap”  (Google that if needed!)  ...and take a camera!! 

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