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Our kids are more likely to be short sighted than us!

Benefits of outdoors

According to the latest Canadian study, myopia or nearsightedness has increased from 6% to 28.9% for children between the ages of 6 and 13. A significant amount of this can be contributed to too many hours spent looking at close objects [read...phones, ipads, laptops!] with limited breaks for long distance work. 

Historically, school-time required alternating bouts of reading from books and reading from the board. Recess was pure outdoor time, with your vision focused more distantly.  With increased screen based classroom work plus social media and gaming predominating extra-curricular time, it is not unusual for our children to have 6+ hours of screens daily.  Check out this video  for more on the Study.

Then, put those phone away, DOWNLOAD a PuzzleTrail today, and have some fabulous outdoor family fun! 

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