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PuzzleTrails let you explore in a new and imaginative way!

We provide the directions and fun facts along the way. You spot and solve clues and unravel a devilish mystery!

PuzzleTrails suit both locals looking for a fresh adventure and visitors wanting a new way to discover the sites. 
They are for little kids and ‘big kids’ alike and help to get kids outdoors having active family fun. 

Available via instant download, each PuzzleTrail is a printable booklet containing all the information you need to get going. 

Love a good Whodunnit, the challenge of a quiz, or cracking codes? Explore our 3 different puzzle types via the links below. 
If a particular puzzle type grabs you, then use the ‘Find a Trail’ button to pick out those trails. 

Go on, download a PuzzleTrail today! 
It's whole family, healthy, outdoors fun for less than the price of a cinema, theatre, bowling or laser tag ticket!!